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Equipment: Feature

Matsuura MAM72-63v

5-Axis Machining Center

The Matsuura MAM72-63v is a top of the line 5 axis machine tool. With the max work piece size of 25" diameter and 18" tall, this machine can handle complex parts of all sizes. The MAM is also equipped with a 240 tool magazine and a  powerful 20,000 RPM Maxia spindle ready for a wide variety of materials. From plastics to steel this machine can handle it all. With the ability to machine 5 or more sides in one operation, machining operations are reduced allowing for better quality and consistency all while reducing handling of the parts.

Matsuura PC17 Cell System

Linear Pallet System

This linear pallet system is ready to support your production needs. With the ability to run unmanned, this technology enables Gemini Manufacturing to reach a new level of efficiency which translates to shorter lead times and more competitive prices. 


Haas VM3

Vertical Machining Center

The Haas VM3 is high performance vertical machining center designed to support the mold making industry. It has a working envelope of 40" x 26" x 25" and is equipped with an inline direct-drive spindle with 12,000 RPM.


Turning Center

Nothing compares to a lathes ability to hold tight diameter tolerances while maintaining mirror-like surface finishes. Gemini Manufacturing Company's lathes are capable of supporting your turning needs. From achieving a smooth surface for sealing to creating a knurl for grip, this machine is up to the task.


Automated CMM

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Gemini Manufacturing believes that quality comes first. To ensure that our customers only get the highest quality parts, we use an automated coordinate measuring machine to do in-process inspections and produce first article reports.

Grob Band Saw

Vertical Band Saw

Grob band saws are the most dependable industrial metal cutting band saws on the market.


Surface Grinder

Surface Grinder

Our surface grinder is capable of providing smooth surfaces, flat within a few ten-thousands of an inch.

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